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Welcome to byDevis, the best Italian Capodimonte Ceramic Shop in USA! Luxury, perfection, handmade in Italy… all the qualities you want, we have them!

[dropcap]Devis Capodimonte is a manufacturing company of Artistic Porcelain and Ceramic, encloses and expresses a precious tradition from the Capodimonte Art Masters in a new very much refined and elegant image of CAPODIMONTE, that has been passed on by this time since three generations. Devis Capodimonte LLC is a branch in Usa of the famous Ceramiche Devis snc in Italy. The innovative element that principally distinguishes the research and creative activity of “Devis Capodimonte LLC ” is represented by the capacity oh having recollected objects and models that the Capodimonte factories had never produced before, giving way to a line which is the most significant and valuable artistic expression of the Capodimonte tradition and culture firstly and then as part of the Italian one.[/dropcap]
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  • 100% made in Italy Capodimonte.
  • The lowest prices possible and the best quality.
  • All our items are guaranteed to be authentic Capodimonte.
  • We do not sell Reproductions or China made items. 
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If you are a wholesaler, we invite you to contact our Shop Manager at cerdevis@yahoo.it

We will provide all the information about discounts and prices of our products dedicated to you!
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